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Eshed advanced cutting tools ltd. is a company that specializes in advanced solutions for the metal industry. The company was established in 2003 by Mr. CEO, Mr. David Weiss. The field of metal cutting is highly complex, due to the wide variety of processing materials and the ever changing demand for custom made tools used for countless applications. Eshed realizes that the type of carbide, feeding rates, flute attacking angles and reliefs are just some of the parameters that have a direct vital influence on the quality and profitability of the product. Therefore, accuracy, innovativeness and quality real time solutions are the main guiding principles of this company.As described within this our catalog, Eshed advanced cutting tools offers a large variety of standard tools in a wide range of lengths Diameters and angles in stock, which provides ready-made solutions for processing metals in various applications.


Eshed manufactures carbide drills, accurate broaches, special profiles and many kinds of custom made tools according to the clients' demands. The tools are manufactured using the most advanced CNC grinding machines and are inspected throughout the process. The company is approved by the Technion institution for research and development according to ISO 9000/9001.The company is marketed nationwide by a leading service team of agents and consultants pay frequent consultancy visits to customers and partners in order to assure an ongoing productive relationship. By choosing Eshed tools services, you will join our constant growing list of clients and partners.Eshed advanced Cutting tools ltd. would like to thank you for showing interest in the company's products and hoping for prosperous cooperation in the future.

.IGI - Israel Gauges Inc

IGI Israel gauges ltd. is a unique and exclusive company which specializes in manufacturing accurate thread gauges for a variety of industries with a special focus on the local and global metal working industries.IGI was established by Mr. Yossi David in 2000, a well known figure in the accurate grinding and gauge making field. In 2010 IGI joined Eshed Tools, which enabled IGI a nationwide distribution.Measuring with GO-NOGO steel gauges is the safest and most common technique for measuring holes, threading, peach diameters and spirals of high accuracies and is implemented in all metal processing related fields: aviation, security, automotive, Hi-Tech and more.


The quality of the gauge is a crucial stage in approving parts after processing.  In order to achieve the required levels of accuracy, strength and quality, IGI uses tempered and hardened O1 steels to the optimal level of 62HRC hardness. All grinding processes are performed by highly accurate grinding machines while performing a strict inspection throughout the process with highly precise measuring equipment, which complies with measure requirements of 0.001mm.Furthermore, IGI provides flat and round grindings and are able to perform threading on rods of any material according to the clients' demands. By choosing IGI, you will join our constant growing list of clients and partners.IGI would like to thank you for taking interest in our products and wishes for continues and fruitful cooperation.

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