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1T Square End Mill

1T Square End Mill

42.00 ₪מחיר

Single flute end mill 1T

The flute geometry is designed for cutting thermoplastics. With a high rake angle and relatively low helix, single-flute cutters manage to cut acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, and other polymers at very high chip loads while leaving a clean surface finish. The geometry also works incredibly well in wood and aluminum.

  • Ø3-10-50

    Serial: 0311050

  • Ø4-12-45

    Serial: 0411245

  • Ø4-22-45

    Serial: 0412245

  • Ø5-20-75

    Serial: 0512075

  • Ø6-12-50

    Serial: 0611250

  • Ø6-25-50

    Serial: 0612550

  • Ø6-20-75

    Serial: 0612075

  • Ø8-20-75

    Serial: 0812075

  • Ø10-20-75

    Serial: 1012075

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